Elegantly, designed Custom Jewelry Collections.
18kt & 14kt yellow and white gold earrings, bracelets, rings
necklaces and enhancers. We include pearls in our flower motif

The gemstones include tourmalines in shades of pink. Saphires in
in shades of blue or orange. Sprinklings of Diamonds are for accents
within specified metals. Semi-precious stones such as Aqua-marines
or Rhodolites. The gemstones are chosen to reflect light and
carefully placed.

These designs are either hand-forged, fabricated, cast or a
combinations of techniques.

The finish on the designs are shiny, frosted, or textured.
We also design and create a Mesh Collection. One in variety
of colors enclosed in sterling. Another, plated in Gold and
Platinumn. These are very comfortable to wear.

For, the tourmalines custom stones cuts which are half-moon and
dome faceted with the look of sunrise and sunset.

All materials which include metals, gemstones, and pearls
are found through original and reputable sources. They were
created for individual people for special occasions such as
birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries,( sometimes on a whim.)

About The Artist
Have traveled throughout parts of the world. In the past a teacher of Art in Sydney, Australia.

Visited Machu Pichu, Peru and climbed the Inca trail (for art).

In the past years on tradeshows, The JCK Show, Buyers Market, American Craft Show.

Pieces are created and designs assimilated based on past experiences and education.

All individually hand-finished with an emphasis on form and a particular attention to detail.

Bachelor of Science in Education and Art.
Certified Credential Teacher.
Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and an emphasis in Literature.
Received a Pearl Diploma from Gemological Institute of America. This includes coastal enviorment issues.
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